UNBS Destroys Alcohol In Non-Conforming Packaging

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) witnessed the destruction of over 50 cartons of Royal Vodka alcohol packed in 100mls bottles, on Monday.

The destruction, by Parambot Distillers Limited along Gayaza road, follows a directive by UNBS to alcohol and spirits manufacturers to recall all alcohol sachets and bottles less than 200mls that are on the market. The recall directive by UNBS is aimed at strengthening the ban on packaging and selling alcohol in sachets and bottles below 200mls, which was issued by government through a cabinet directive in 2017.

Parambot Distillers Limited is one of the 167 companies whose premises were closed by UNBS, during a recent crackdown on manufacturers defying the ban in Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, Jinja and Mityana. Following the destruction and commitment to comply, Parambot Distillers Limited was cleared by UNBS to resume operations.

To further effect the ban;

  • UNBS urges manufacturers to recall all non-conforming products from the market
  • UNBS resolved to seal off any company whose non-conforming product is found on the market.
  • UNBS resolved to name and shame any company sealed off due to non-conformities.
  • UNBS urges manufacturers to advocate for self-regulation.