Members of the 8th National Standards Council pose for a photo with the Minister of Trade Hon. Amelia Kyambadde

National Standards Council Discusses Standards for Approval

The sub-committee of the 8th National Standards Council on Standards and Technical matters sat on 10th September 2019 to discuss the final draft Uganda Standards that have been finalized for approval.

Among the standards discussed were 190 Uganda standards in the areas of chemicals and consumer products which cover medical devices, textiles, paper and related products; and petroleum.

In addition, engineering standards in regard to building and construction, mechanical engineering and metallurgy were also tabled.

Among these, 32 standards from the People’s Republic of China were recommended for endorsement for purposes of the Standard Gauge Railway. These are building and construction materials and Mechanical engineering and metallurgy; and Electro technology.

These standards will be recommended to the National Standards Council for approval.