A UNBS officer from the Legal Metrology department testing an energy meter

Legal Metrology Inspects Energy Meters in Mukono

Inspectors from the Legal Metrology department embarked on inspection of electricity meters in the Greater Mukono area.

The routine inspection targeted Medium Voltage (MV) consumers who are using Time-of-use metering systems. The inspection was done in factories along Kayunga and katosi roads.

This inspection mandate is derived from the Statutory instruments 2015 No. 69 The weights and measures (Electricity Meter) rules 2015.

In this basic operation of the meter is verified especially the attribute which can lead to unfair billing or cheating in the electricity transactions.

Inspection of metering and billing for electricity actually consumed by users is integral to commercial management of an electricity utility. Another critical task is collection of the billed amounts. Effective performance in both functions is critical to ensure the financial viability of the company.