Experts develop Clay roofing tiles and ridges standards

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon the public to comment on the suitability of the Clay roofing tiles and ridges standard, DUS 816: 2018 Clay roofing tiles and ridges — Specification, for implementation.

The Draft Uganda Standard, DUS 816: 2018 Clay roofing tiles and ridges — Specification, specifies requirements for roofing tiles and ridges intended for use as roof covering where durability and appearance are required to provide a weather-resistant surface of specified design.

The draft standard requires that the roofing tiles shall;

  • Be made from clay of even texture and shall be burnt throughout.
  • Be free from irregularities, such as twists, bends, cracks and laminations.
  • Be free from impurities like particles of stone, lime or foreign materials visible to the naked eye either on the surface or on the fractured face of the tile obtained by breaking the tile.
  • Give a characteristic ringing sound when struck and when broken, the fracture shall be clear and sharp at the edges.
  • Be well burnt and free from cracks and unslaked lime particles, and from excrescences and depressions not forming part of the pattern of the tile or ridge.

More requirements regarding the weight, marking, dimensions and tolerances of tiles and ridges is laid out in the draft standard, available on the UNBS website;  (at the bottom of the draft standards list).

The public is called upon to comment on the draft standard starting 8th October to 7th December 2019.

The request letter guides on how and where the comment form should be submitted.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing and promoting standards, quality products and services to facilitate fair trade, promote local industries and protect consumers.