Weekly Update; 7th to 11th October 2019

Experts develop Clay roofing tiles and ridges standards

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon the public to comment on the suitability of the Clay roofing tiles and ridges standard, DUS 816: 2018 Clay roofing tiles and ridges — Specification, for implementation.

The Draft Uganda Standard, DUS 816: 2018 Clay roofing tiles and ridges — Specification, specifies requirements for roofing tiles and ridges intended for use as roof covering where durability and appearance are required to provide a weather-resistant surface of specified design. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=10853


Upgrade works at UNBS calibration rig pay off!

Uganda National Bureau of Standards’ calibration and verification services have improved enormously, following the recent state of the art upgrade of the calibration rig.

The 2.36 billion shillings works, funded by the government of Uganda, kicked off 18th October 2018 and were complete by August 2019. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=10856


UNBS at Uganda’s 57th Independence celebrations

Uganda National Bureau of Standards took part in the 57th Independence day celebrations held on Wednesday in Sironko district.

The Bureau, represented by a team of 14 (coordinated by Ivan Mugumya), was appreciated for the efforts in fighting sub-standard goods. The day’s MC further mentioned that the fight against substandard products is felt at the grassroot level.


URA hands over impounded alcohol to UNBS

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has handed over 1,100 cartons (2,640,000 liters) of alcohol packed in sachets and bottles less than 200mls to Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) for further legal action.

980 cartons of Black Eagle Premium Gin were impounded by URA at Karuma, while 120 cartons of Cheers Vodka sachets and Habari Waragi were impounded in Busia, enroute Kenya, following a tip-off from whistle blowers. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=10861


What you need to know about Salon standards

Every person at one time in their life has had a haircut from a salon but did you know that salons too have standards that they must adhere to?

In 2008, Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) developed guidelines for hair dressers to ensure hygiene and safety in the fast-growing beauty industry.

The US713:2008, (Requirements for hygiene in commercial skin penetration, hairdressing, and beauty and natural therapy) salon guidelines were developed to ensure practitioners and beauty schools conform to a code of conduct while doing their business. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=10850