UNBS commended for improved customer services

The minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde has commended Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) for the improved customer services.

While officiating at a stakeholder engagement with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) proprietors in Mpigi district, Kyambadde noted that UNBS has done a lot to reach out to its clients like opening up regional offices, simplifying the certification process, use of electronic means (e-services), among others.

The engagement attracted farmers, music producers, makers of; cakes, liquid soap, food processing like honey, yoghurt, coffee beverages, hand crafts, stationery, milling and tailors, saloon owners, and boutiques owners among others.

The stakeholders requested UNBS to stop confiscating their products and weighing scales that do not comply with standrads, stressing that the enforcement activity affects progress of their businesses.

However, UNBS Principal Certification Officer, Ronald Ahimbisibwe encouraged the MSME owners to have their products certified, highlighting the UNBS initiative to support, guide, encourage and develop upcoming businesses.

He further elaborated the need and use of standards, imported products’ testing, replacement of S-mark with the Q-mark and the need to calibrate weights for fair trade, stressing that compliance, quality and safety is everyone’s responsibility.

UNBS Certification Officer, Bonny Ottokoma, sensitized the stakeholders about Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Hygienic practices in five key areas; People, Premises and Equipment, Products, Processes and Procedures.

He highlighted the need for hygiene by putting in place sanitary facilities like toilets and hand wash, medical certificates of employees, equipment cleaning and maintenance, Proper product handling and storage, documentation and record keeping among others.

UNBS continues to have such engagements with stakeholders in different parts of the country to implement its mandate of developing and promoting standards, quality products and services to facilitate fair trade, promote local industries and protect consumers.