TC on Food and Agriculture review standards for approval

The Technical Committee on Food and Agriculture, TC2 held its 51st meeting to review standards recommended to the National Standards Council for approval.  Among the standards discussed were Milk and milk products, flour, bread,

Participants observed that the committee needs to focus on areas of food fraud and which these standards seek to address.

Members also emphasised that food fraud has become a rampant case in Uganda where manufacturers intentionally misrepresent labels, ingredients and weights for packaged products. Members noted that conditions regarding trade, communication, requirements etc. originates from a common frame, therefore emphasis must be put on continuous stakeholder engagement to educate both manufacturers and consumers on how to detect food fraud.

Under the milk and milk products, a standard for ‘eshabwe’ had been proposed but was deferred on the basis that the product should be registered as an indigenous product for Uganda to retain the local name and nomenclature.

TC2 on Food and Agriculture develops standards that give confidence to consumers in the safety, quality and authenticity of what they eat.