Public urged to comment on draft plastic basins standards


Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon the public to comment on the suitability of the plastic basins standard, DUS 766: 2019 Plastic basins — Specification, for implementation.

UNBS, under Technical Committee UNBS/TC 5, [Chemicals and Environment], Subcommittee SC 03, [Plastics and Related products] developed this second edition of the standard which cancels and replaces the first edition (US 766:2007), that has been technically revised.

The Draft Uganda Standard, DUS 766: 2019 Plastic basins — Specification, specifies the requirements, sampling and method of test for basins made from polyolefin.

The draft standard requires that the plastic basins shall;

  • Be of good surface, finish, free from defects and any excessive sprue shall be removed by cutting.
  • Be described by their capacities in litres.
  • The material of the basins shall be natural or coloured polythene or polypropylene.
  • Materials shall be of food grade and free from any substance which is injurious to human health.
  • The thickness of the basin at the sides and bottom shall be such as to enable it to comply with the distortion limits specified in the standard.
  • There shall be no diminution of thickness in the vicinity of the sprue due to shrinkage or drawing in of materials at this point or to the removal of the sprue.
  • The rim of the basin shall be such as to provide an adequate grip.
  • To protect the base from abrasion, it shall be so supported that at 90°, when the basin is filled with water, it’s under surface excluding the ribs, is at least 5 mm above the plane surface on which it is placed.
  • The basins shall be packed in a suitable manner to protect them from dust and surface scratches.

More requirements are specified in the draft standard that is available on the UNBS website via

The public is free to comment on the draft standard up to January 18, 2020.

The comments can be made using the comment form and the request letter guides on how and where the comment form should be submitted.

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