Consumer tips for the festive season

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During the festive season, the public tend to get excited while shopping which results into purchasing items without taking into consideration their quality. Traders, manufacturers and importers, sale and import many products in an attempt to make extra profit during the festive season.

Consumers however should take keen interest in the products sold on the market because some of them do not meet requirements of the standards and therefore not fit for purpose.

As an institution responsible for developing, promoting and enforcing standards to ensure competitiveness of locally manufactured products and to protect the health and safety of consumers and the environment against substandard products. UNBS would like to advise the public to avoid being victims of substandard products by taking the following precautions while shopping;

  • Buy UNBS certified locally manufactured products, which can be verified by installing a UNBS APP from Google Play store.
  • Avoid buying products from ungazzeted areas (streets) because it is hard to trace the seller in case of a complaint.
  • Buy products from established outlets and demand for a receipt.
  • Avoid shopping in the night because unscrupulous people usually sell substandard products at night when people do not have the time to verify their quality.
  • Avoid shopping in a rush.
  • Avoid buying from hawkers.
  • For pre-packaged goods, check expiry dates, integrity of the package, and labelling among others
  • Make use of the UNBS toll free line 0800 133 133 to report substandard goods on the market.

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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing and promoting standards and quality of products and services to facilitate fair trade, promote local industries and protect consumers.

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