UNBS exceeds targets!

Previously challenged by limited funds, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has exceeded its income targets by six billion shillings in the first and second quarter of financial year 2019/2020.

The UNBS Deputy Executive Director in charge of Compliance, John Paul Musimami, revealed this and commended UNBS staff for their contribution to the improved performance and surplus, citing the contribution made by the imports inspection department, Legal metrology, Market Surveillance, Legal department and the Public Relations division.

He made the remarks as he officially launched the three-day team building event for UNBS staff under the compliance department, held at Colline Hotel Mukono.

The event is one of the strategies employed by UNBS to promote organizational culture, team work, customer relations, workplace ethics and integrity.

“The reason for this team building is for us to be able to define ourselves as UNBS, know what we stand for, how the public perceives us, how to position ourselves positively in the eyes of the public and to relate with other departments better.” Musimami said.

UNBS staff were taken through classroom sessions about adapting to change, building teams, customer care, ethics and integrity and a lot more, coupled with outdoor sports activities.

“I learnt that each person has a unique talent to offer in a team and I will apply this by utilising the unique talents by the different team members to do work in an efficient and effective way.” Said Denis Obini, a Surveillance Officer.

“I learnt the importance of understanding each one’s contribution to the collective goal and also understanding the contribution of UNBS’ role in the National Development Agenda.” Said Joselyn Biira, a Public Relations Officer.

“I realized that I can freely work with anybody, if given time to understand them.” Said Edgar Atwongire, a Surveillance Officer.

‘I learnt that bringing people together is important. Fun activities foster creativity and improve communication. Departments and divisions should do team building more often. Most times problems within departments are solved outside boardrooms.” Said Carol Agonzibwa, a Senior Legal Officer.

While officially closing the event, the Market Surveillance manager, Daniel Arorwa thanked the facilitators, Houston Executive Consulting for the great work done, and urged UNBS staff to practice what they have learnt, for better performance results.

Team building activities enhance social relations and improve performance in team based organizations like UNBS, overtime.

Such events are to be held periodically within UNBS, as the bureau strategizes to become the leading institution of international repute in provision of sustainable standardization services.