UNBS-British Standards Institute (BSI) collaboration under CSN programme extended by 12 months

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has extended its collaboration with Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) through the Commonwealth Standards Network Programme (CSN), for 12 more months.

This follows the enormous success of the program implemented by UNBS in Uganda, with support from CSN for 18 months

The BSI representative, David Bell, announced the extension during the third Steering Committee Meeting held at the UNBS headquarters in Bweyogerere. The extension will enable monitoring the progress of the program.

During the two year implementation of the programme, a number of key achievements were registered and these include; the launch of the National Standardization Strategy , and a number of technical assistance (training sessions) which were provided to key functional areas of UNBS – such as testing, certification, Import Inspection, market surveillance, and management services;

The programme created more awareness concerning standards’ requirements and commitment to quality in a number of value chains where challenges are experienced in relation to quality requirements and trade. The targeted value chains covered included rice, soybean, avocado, pineapples, Shea nut,  and fish & fishery products.

The programme also translated standards and guideline documents for key agricultural value chains to 13 local languages. Some of the standards translated include; Shea nut – Acholi, Soy bean – Itesot and Langi, Pineapples – Luganda, Avocados – Runyoro-Rutooro, Rice – Luganda and Lumasaba and many other achievements.

The extended collaboration is expected to help UNBS continue to set the effective standards for consumer safety, environmental protection and facilitate access to international markets for Ugandan products targeting the Commonwealth nations.