Public urged to comment on cultured milk standard


Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon the public to comment on the suitability of the fermented (cultured) milk draft standard, DEAS 1008: 2019 Fermented (cultured) milk — Specification, for implementation.

Developing this standard was prompted by increased trade of fermented (cultured) milk, locally known as ‘bongo’ in Uganda.

The Draft East Africa Standard, DEAS 1008: 2019 Fermented (cultured) milk — Specification, specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for fermented whole milk, fermented fat free milk, fermented fat free milk and fermented high fat milk.

It requires that the cultured milk shall;

  • Be free from off flavours and off odours such as metallic and yeast flavour
  • Have the characteristic texture and taste of the type of cultured milk
  • Not exceed the specified microbiological limits
  • Shall comply with the maximum limits of pesticide residues as specified in Codex Alimentarius Commission
  • Be packaged in food grade containers made of suitable material
  • Be well sealed in order to prevent contamination of the contents during storage and transportation
  • Shall be labelled as required in EAS 38

More requirements are stated in the draft standard that can be accessed on the UNBS website via

The public is free to comment on the draft standard up to 30th March 2020, using the comment form.

The request letter guides on how and where the comment form should be submitted.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing and promoting standards, quality products and services to facilitate fair trade, promote local industries and protect consumers.