Baking industry players to strengthen association for increased compliance to standards

Bakery owners have resolved to strengthen their association as one of the ways to increase compliance to national quality standards.

The resolution was reached at during a bakery owners’ stakeholder engagement organized by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to iron out issues that hinder them from complying to standards.

“Poor hygiene, which recently prompted UNBS to close some bakeries, quality of products produced and Value for money, are some of the issues we need to iron out.” said Andrew Othieno, the UNBS Manager for imports, who officiated at the event.

UNBS standards officer, Awath Aburu, urged the bakery owners to get the relevant standards for the bakery industry, and ensure that whatever they produce for the market conforms to those standards most especially in terms of hygiene, location of bakery premises, product packaging, labelling standards and others.

He also called upon the bakers to turn up for committee meetings that develop standards when invited.

UNBS Principal Certification officer, Ronald Ahimbisibwe, urged bakery owners to have the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) together with evidence of implementation, if they are to qualify for certification.

UNBS Senior legal Metrologist, Josephine Nakyeyune emphasized the pre-packaging requirements that bakery owners MUST meet, among them, clearly displaying the net quantity and expiry date of their products on the product packaging.

Nakyeyune also advised the bakers to get the weights and measures bread rule, which is freely available  on the internet.

The bakery owners thanked UNBS for the eye-opening engagement and resolved to take corrective measures and also strengthen the bakers’ association to increase compliance to UNBS standards.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing and promoting standards, quality products and services to facilitate fair trade, promote local industries and protect consumers.