How Face Mask Manufacturers can get UNBS Certification

By Joselyn Biira Mwine


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is a huge demand for masks and it is important to ensure that appropriate masks provide adequate protection are swiftly made available to those who need them.
UNBS is offering manufacturers free standards for non-medical face masks to support them in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. The applicable standard is US 2552:2020 – Non-Medical Face Masks.

To get free copies of this standard, please send an email to or .

In addition, manufacturers are encouraged to seek certification from UNBS for the face masks to ensure that they meet the relevant Uganda standards. The procedure for certification is described below;

  1. Application

Open a user account on or via the UNBS website at

You will need to have at least the following:

  • A valid email address and
  • A Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Product labels/marking
  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • Production process Flow chart or production process description
2. Application Review

The information submitted to UNBS will be evaluated for completeness and adequacy.

Any concerns with the application will be resolved at this stage before proceeding with the process.

3. Payment

The company will then be billed for audit and testing fees and the payment notice generated and sent through the e-system to the client via the email provided.

Audit fees is 250,000/= (irrespective of location in Uganda) and

Testing fees is 95,000/= for medical masks and 150,000/= for non-medical masks.

Any delays in payment implies delayed scheduling of the on-site audit.

4. Audit 

UNBS auditors visit the applicant’s facility for the on-site evaluation to assess the production and quality assurance processes.

An audit plan will be shared with the applicant before the on-site audit to indicate how the process will be conducted.

If agreeable, the audit plan must be confirmed by the client through the online system.

5. Product Evaluation

The auditors obtain samples from the facility at the time of the audit and submit to the UNBS laboratory for testing.

6. Closure of Non-conformances

Where issues are raised during the audit or where product failures have been identified, the company is given time (within 30 days) to close out the identified non-conformances.

7. Review

If the company has fulfilled the requirements of the relevant standards as confirmed by the audit report and test results, the company file is forwarded to the Certification Review Committee (CRC) for consideration of grant of permit.

8. Certification Decision/Approval

– If satisfied, the CRC recommends to the Executive Director to approve grant of permit to use the Distinctive Mark on products of the applicant.

– Applicant is issued an e-permit valid for 1 year upon payment of applicable certification fees.

Permit fees are:

Micro and Small Enterprises- 350,000/=

Medium and Large Enterprises- 800,000/=



For any enquiries, call the UNBS toll free line on 0800133133 or send a message via WhatsApp on 0713227580. You can also reach us on our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.

The writer is a Public Relations Officer at Uganda National Bureau of Standards