UNBS certifies over 90 more companies to produce sanitizers

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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has certified 98 more companies to produce sanitizers as of 8th July 2020. This is aimed at protecting consumers from buying sanitisers that do not comply with standards and are harmful to their health, in the wake of COVID-19.

The 98 companies are an addition to the 38 companies that were earlier certified, bringing the total to 136 companies producing 182 brands of sanitizers as listed below;

S/N Company Name Brands
1. Saraya Manufacturing (U) Ltd Smartsan J-1-Sanitizing Cleaner

Saraya Disinfectant Detergent

Saraclean C

Saraya Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Saraya Who Formula 1

Alsoft V

Smart San S-4

2. Wandaz Products Limited Wandaz Instant Hand Sanitizer


3. Nucleus Harvest Limited Charmens
4. Sheen Plus Cosmetics – SMC Ltd Sheen Plus Hand Sanitizer Gel

Sheen Plus Hand Sanitizer Liquid

5. Adma International Ltd Cedarol
6. Zest Pharmacy Limited Zest



7. Samaka Consults Uganda Limited Samaka
8. Xplore Beverages Ltd Xtra Care
9. Akhtabut Investments Uganda Limited Flush


Octopus Hand Sanitizer

10. Premier Distilleries Limited B-Safe
11. Ranish Logistics Limited CJ
12. Kenlon Industries Limited Immaculate
13. Rene Industries Limited Rene
14. Dei Natural Products International Limited CovaNil
15. Hoima Sugar Limited Prosan hand sanitiser
16. Globo Chemical (U) Limited Handsan
17. Luwero Industries Limited Nec Clean
18. Geno-Hitech Uganda Limited Med-Gel
19. Try Africa Group Limited Try Africa Hand Sanitizer
20. Mindtime Ltd Gik Pro – Hand Sanitizer Liquid

Gik Pro – Hand Sanitizer Gel

21. Movit Products Limited Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer Spray With Moisturizer

Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer Gel With Moisturizer

22. Taff Steel Limited Taff
23. Kakira Sugar Limited Kakira Klean
24. House of Rehoboth U Limited Riyo
25. Joint Health Care Investments Limited Clinisafe Hand Sanitizer
26. The Purpose LTD Cleanmate
27. Gim Beverages Limited G3 Hand Sanitizer
28. Lifecheck Pharma Limited Senz
29. Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited Scoul Instant Hand Sanitizer
30. Seweco Industrial Coatings Limited Seweco
31. Nobel Synthetics Limited Topical Solution
32. Tona Star Products Limited Klin star
33. Afrihomes Limited Afro Royal Hand Sanitizer GEL

Tuku Hand Sanitizer

34. Yuti Breweries Limited Quick Hand Sanitizer
35. Serene Chemical Products (U) Limited Serene Instant Hand Sanitizer
36. Tesh Investments Limited IKE Hand Sanitizer
37. Mavid Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Sanvid
38. Nexo Enterprises Limited Focus
39. Carbide Company Limited Carbide
40 Collard Group Limited SaniDrop
41 Johnes Vocational Training Institute Limited Johnes
42. Dembe Trading Enterprises Limited Naturelle


43. Shafranto (U) Limited Shafranto
44. Telesat International Cottage Industrial Development Institute Limited Proteger Plus Hand Sanitizer
45. Mukwano Personal Care Products Limited Meditex Hand Sanitizer
46. Jago Enterprises Jago Hand Sanitizer Liquid

Jago Hand Sanitizer Gel

47. Amagara Skincare Limited Amagara Hand Sanitizer

Amagara Sanitizing Gel

48 The Northern Rock Investments (U) Limited Johnson Hand Sanitizer
49. Visionneuse Enterprises Tess Hand Sanitizer

Homely Hand Sanitizer

50. Mwiru Holdings – SMC Ltd La Ville Hand Sanitizer
51. Alexander Perfumery Limited Aspire
52. Chief Distilleries Uganda Limited PureX
53. Ambiance Distillers Limited Ambiance Instant Hand Sanitiser
54. Samona Products Limited Samona Hand Sanitzer

Skin Care Hand Sanitzer

55. Balcha`S Concepts (U) Limited V-Clean



Safe Clean



Germ Kill Orange Fragrance

Germ Kill Lemon Fragrance

56. Life Care Products Best Intant Hand Sanitzer

Super Lady Instant Hand Sanitzer

Life Care Hand sanitizer

VX Brilliant Hand Sanitzer

57. Boss Beverage International (BBI) Limited C-19 Hand Sanitizer
58. Liz Beauty Products Liz Hand sanitizer
59. Zinc Pharmacy Limited Arrows Hand Sanitizer Strawberry Flavour
60. Lyv Investments Limited Soraye Liquid Instant Hand Sanitizer

Soraye Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer

61. Shaliza Homecare Company Limited Shaliza Lavender Flavoured brand
62. Urban Snail Farm LMS


63. Hema Beverages Limited Bliss Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Type

Bliss Instant Hand Sanitizer

64. Bukona Agro Processors Limited Bukona Instant Hand Sanitiser
65. Uwaisi Ltd Yoza Gel Hand Sanitizer – Lavender Scent

Yoza Liquid Hand Sanitizer – Lavender Scent

66. Princess Pharmacy (U) Limited Princess Sanitizer Gel

Princess Sanitiser Spray

67. Hamran Chemicals Limited Sani Hand Sanitizer
68. Hafi Nish Beauty Center Hafinish
69. View Investments (U) Limited Roxy Hand Sanitiser
70, Dag And Bragan Limited Brago

Brago Gel

71 Mega Foods & Beverages International Limited Crane Hand Sanitizer
72 Firstline Pharmaceuticals (U) Limited Caring Hands – Strawberry Flavour

Caring Hands Gel

73. ASWT Industries Uganda Limited GO Spray

Go Gel

74. Surgirad Healthcare Ltd Surgi Hand Sanitizer

Surgi-gel Hand Sanitizer

75. Remeses Company Limited URIM Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

URIM Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray

76. Wosha Products Wosha Disinfectant With Aloevera Fragrance

Wosha Disinfectant With Eucalyptus Oil

Wosha Disinfectant With Lemon Fragrance

77. Shivpad Uganda -Smc Limited Pure+
78. Nansibankya Clinic Micro-X
79. Kageye General Merchandise WOW Hand Sanitizer
80. Allied Quality & Safety Consults Ltd Covi-Safe Hand Sanitizer
81. Acetah Consult Solutions (U) Limited Acetah HANDSAN
82. Hk Industrials Limited Hasha Spray
83. Kelvin Shaun Investments Limited  Alpine Super Disinfectant
84. All In One Chemicals (U) Limited All Clear Hand sanitizer Gel
85. Ahhuu Barintumye Herbal Clinical Research Limited Ahhuu Hand Sanitizer
86. Blueswan Products Limited Swan
87. Gama Distillers Ltd Gama
88. Sanit Hygiene – Smc Limited Sanit Hand Sanitizer
89. Maili More Limited Maili More Ltd Hand Sanitizer
90 Unique Soap Manufactures (U) Limited Unique Hand Sanitizer
91. Balaji Medical Care Limited Safe Hands – Hand Sanitizer Gel
92. Modern Great Ways Engineering Co. Ltd Mogwec
93. White & Bright (Wnb) Uganda Limited Tanyo Hand Sanitizer
94. V And S Medicines Uganda Ltd HAS Instant Hand Sanitizer
95. Blue Nile Distilleries Limited Last Drop
96. Nyasha Africa Limited Doer Hand Sanitizer
97. Laboratory Needs Solution Limited Microbe Foe Hand Sanitizer
98. Ryatumwa Enterprises Covi-Mak
99. Lweny Engineering & Supplies Limited Lweny Liquid Hand Sanitizer
100. Life Plus Pharmaceuticals Limited Avery Hand Sanitizer
101. Mzuri Living Mzuri Living
102. Avance International University Limited Avance Hand Sanitizer
103. Glorrie Industries Limited Victoria
104. Aden Springs Enterprises Limited Blade
105. The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda PHARMAgel


106. Smileplast Limited Smile Hand Sanitizer
107. Proverbs Business Solutions LTD Advanced Hand Sanitizer
108. Volks Holdings Limited Volksan
109. Avar Lab Supplies & General Enterprises Limited Tuva Hand Sanitizer


110. Rena Beverage Solutions Limited Safisoft
111. Vitlab Enterprises Ltd Vitlab
112. Sun Industries Limited


Sun – Sanitizer Gel

Sun – Sanitizer Spray

113. Trade-Ex Consult Ltd


Supreme Hand Sanitiser Gel

Supreme Hand Sanitiser Liquid

114. Samaka Consults Uganda Limited Samaka – Peach Fragrance
115. Mambo Freshy Amenities Limited Rexenol Instant Hand Sanitizer
116. Firstline Pharmaceuticals (U) Limited Caring Hands Lemon Fragrance
117. Kalibatk Enterprises Ltd Sterifect
118. Jalshi Care Uganda -Smc Ltd Avion Hand Sanitizer
119. Niam Limited Univo Hand Sanitizer
120. KAS Engineering Solutions Limited GT-San
121. Mediserve Laboratory Stores Limited Alva Handie
122. Brenopharm (U) Ltd Brenosept

Brenosept – Gel

123. Buddo Distillers Limited Safehands
124. Cliq Daily U Limited Classic
125. All In One Chemicals (U) Limited AllClear – Lavender Fragrance
126. Mohca Beauty & Skincare Limited Shea Care Hand Sanitizer
127. Ken Fehling Partners (KFP) Limited KFP Hand Sanitizer
128. Nissininsiima Investments Limited Oceans
129. UKI (Uganda) Limited UKI
131. Atek Agro Chemicals And Foods Limited Optimum Hand sanitizer
132. Buwembe Brewers And Distillers Limited KELAAR
133. Dream Cap Limited RG`S
134. Rwenzori Bottling Company Limited Stay Safe Instant Hand Sanitizer
135. Semar Beverages Co. Limited Kashalom hand sanitizer
136. Parambot Distilleries Limited Hand Master

UNBS is still providing free technical assistance together with free sanitizer and disinfectant standards to encourage local sanitizer manufacturers to embrace certification before putting their products on the market.

About UNBS

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing, promoting and enforcing standards in protection of public health and safety, and the environment against dangerous and sub-standard products.

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