Weekly Update 31st August to 11th September 2020

Public Notice – Illegal Factory Inspections

It has come to our attention that individuals masquerading as UNBS staff are conducting unauthorized inspections at different business premises and are extorting money from the business community. UNBS would like to dissociate its self from such individuals and inform the public that UNBS staff are NOT SUPPOSED to demand for money to offer any service and all those doing so are MASQUERADERS and should be arrested. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=11335


What UNBS stickers on fuel pumps mean

Spikes in fuel prices have bothered most of the consumers especially now as people try to recover from the economic effects of the COVID-19 lockdown. Shooting oil prices have hit family budgets but consumers can do little about them except fuming at the government or wondering if the global factors will soften. However, there is one thing totally in your control—not to get short-changed at the petrol pump. Short selling or selling adulterated fuel is a common phenomenon across the country. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=11339