Close to 100 samples sent out to participant labs in ongoing ILC program

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has sent out close to 100 samples to different laboratories that registered to participate in the first round of the Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) program.
The samples include Water, UHT milk, Coffee, Cosmetics, Maize flour, Non-carbonated soft drinks, Cement, Steel and Electrical cables.
During the Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) process, testing results of different participating laboratories are compared to ensure accuracy.
UNBS expects the different participant laboratories to return results from the sent samples by 10th October 2020 for evaluation and further processing.
Participating in the Inter-Laboratory Comparison program is of great importance to laboratories because;
• It improves the quality of testing and test results of the different labs
• It ensures confidence and credibility of successful laboratories
• It attracts national, regional and international recognition for the competent labs
• It ensures quality control of manufactured goods along the supply chain.
• It reduces technical barriers to trade by building confidence and trust in the supplier’s certificates where goods have to go through destination lab tests
• It ensures risk assessment & management
• It facilitates investigations through a faster customer complaints and disputes handling process
The ongoing first round of the ILC is free of charge, however, only labs whose operations meet the relevant national and international standards qualified to take part.
The ILC program aids better, safe and quality products for consumption since product testing results are from credible laboratories.