THE NEW VISION: UNBS tips millers to embrace modern machinery

The recent controversy in poor quality of distributed maize flour to the needy members of the public affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, was an eye opener to the government standards body. This is why Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), the government’s watchdog for standards, took samples from procured maize flour that was pending distribution for testing  in ascertaining its quality for human consumption, though some failed the test.

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PML DAILY: UNBS calls for compliance to labelling standards among manufacturers

KAMPALA — The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has called upon all local manufacturers to comply with the labelling standards and desist from deceptive labelling of their products. This follows posts making rounds on social media alleging that pork sausages are labelled with ‘Halal’. Following inspections done by the UNBS surveillance team at the said location, the pork sausages found did not have any Halal claims.

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UGANDA RADIO NETWORK / DISPATCH UGANDA : Beverage, cigarette dealers in Uganda have 5 days to acquire digital stamps

Manufacturers and importers of beverages and cigarettes have five days to have their products stamped with the Digital Tax Stamp (DTS), or their goods will not be on the market. The DTS is a machine-readable stamp put on a package of a product to reveal details of the real manufacturer of the product when scanned. The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and the Uganda Revenue Authorities (URA) are charged with enforcing the initiative that is aimed at catching smugglers, counterfeiters and tax evaders.

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THE NEW VISION: Gov’t asked to step up fight against counterfeit products

The government has been asked to intensify the implementation of legal frameworks against the sale of counterfeits and substandard products in Uganda, to save sh6 trillion lost annually due to fake products on the Ugandan market. Witnessing the MoU signing ceremony, Moses Watasa, the commissioner information dissemination, in the ministry of ICT said with increased sensitization on the dangers of consuming fake products, Uganda can deal with counterfeits. He noted that partnerships like league of genuine helps to support efforts by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) in the fight against sell of fake products.

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