UNBS urges business owners to ensure calibration of their weighing scales

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) urges manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to ensure that calibration of their weighing scales is up to date, in accordance with clause 4.3.5 of Uganda Standard US 28 EAS 39:2002. This follows country-wide inspections by the UNBS Surveillance team that found weighing scales due for inspection in different bakeries and butcheries. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=11446


Protect Your Business from Hacking with the Information Security Standard

The recent high profile case of the hacking of Stanbic Bank and telecom giants MTN and Airtel has proven the extent of damage to an organisation if information gets into the wrong hands. The so-called Internet of Things – digitally connected devices like appliances, cars and medical equipment – promises to make life easier for consumers. But it comes with a price. The more computerized and dependent on wireless communication we become, the more vulnerable we are to hacking. https://blog.unbs.go.ug/?p=11443