DAILY MONITOR: UNBS on Solar Standards 

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BUKEDDE ONLINE: Maize Flour engagement

EKITONGOLE ekivunaanyizibwa ku mutindo gw’ebintu mu ggwanga ekya UNBS kisisinkanye abasuubuzi ba kasooli n’abakubi b’obuwunga mu ggwanga  ne kibakalaatira okwewala okufulumya obuwunga obutatuukana  na mutindo. Ensisinkano eno  ebadde ku mutimbagano gwa yintaneeti eddiridde aba UNBS okufuna amawulire nti abasuubuzi batandise okumala gakolerera obuwunga okusobola okweyuna okuguza amasomero agaguddewo ekintu eky’obulabe ennyo eri obulamu bw’abantu https://bit.ly/3jH7yEU  

UGANDA RADIO NETWORK(URN): UNBS to Start Enforcing Maize Grain and Flour Standards

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards has released standards for the maize industry targeting millers and parkers, and warned processors who have no certification to cease operations. Uganda produces an estimated 2.5 million tons of maize, with exports worth between USD 120 and 150 million annually, mainly from the regional market.  This makes maize the biggest food crop Uganda produces in terms of value, both for the local and export markets. https://ugandaradionetwork.net/story/unbs-to-start-enforcing-maize-grain-and-flour-standards


Uganda becomes first African country to coordinate prestigious FAO committee twice

Uganda has been appointed Coordinator for the Food and Agricultural Organisation/ World Health Organisation (FAO/WHO) Coordinating Committee for Africa (CCAFRICA) for the period 2020 to 2022. The appointment, which was announced this past week made Uganda the only African country to coordinate CODEX activities in Africa for the second time. https://kampalapost.com/index.php/content/uganda-becomes-first-african-country-coordinate-prestigious-fao-committee-twice


Traders in Kampala Reap Big from Sale of Used Car Tyres

Barbara Kamusiime, the Senior Public Relations Officer Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), says that there are car tyre guidelines which stipulate how car tyres must be transported, stored, piled or displayed that illegal old car tyre sellers don’t follow.