Water meter regulation 2020 in the offing!

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is to start verifying water meters, as is the case with electricity meters, to ensure consumer protection, fair trade and precision in the industry through reliable measurement systems, as part of the UNBS mandate under the Weights and Measure Act CAP 103.

The water meter verification by UNBS is set to start as soon as the weights and measures (Water meters) regulation 2020 is assented into law.

The revelations were made during a consultative stakeholder engagement with different stakeholders in the water sector, organised by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to discuss the weights and measures (Water meters) regulation 2020, which will grant UNBS the powers to verify water meters before they are used by the different stakeholders.

The regulation lays out the legal controls on metrological behavior of water meters, the attendant supervision and the consequences of breach.

The draft regulations states that;

  • At the time of supply, the new water meters of approved patterns shall undergo Initial Verification before installation to check for conformance to applicable national metrological legislations.
  • In-service water meters shall be subject to inspection by sampling method to ascertain compliance with applicable metrological legislations.
  • In – service water meters that fail inspection will be withdrawn from the water distribution network and replaced with already verified meters.
  • A supplier shall not supply or sell any water meter unless the meter bears a valid stamp of verification of a date not earlier than provided under the Rules.
  • The supplier shall, when supplying a water meter, in writing inform the water utility of the pattern approval and verification status.
  • A water utility shall ensure that a water meter for settlement of water consumption meets the requirements of the Rules.
  • A water utility shall, when procuring or installing a water meter
  • Comply with manufacturer’s conditions concerning the use and permitted operating conditions for which the meters are manufactured and;
  • Install only water meters whose pattern has been passed and stamped by an Inspector as fit for use for trade.

The regulation also states the technical requirements for water meters ranging from the material and construction of water meters, adjustment and correction, installation conditions, marks and inscriptions.

In the proposed draft regulations, UNBS will have the power to reject a water meter which does not meet the technical and metrological requirements of the Rules.

The water meters verification by UNBS is expected to increase consumers’ confidence and satisfaction, Consumer protection against short measures in trade transactions, Seller protection against excessive measures in trade transactions, increased compliance to standards in market places and also aid government in making proper assessments for taxes on goods in transit.

About UNBS

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for ensuring fairness in trade and precision in industry through reliable measurement systems.