UNBS calls for calibration and verification of all temperature guns on the market

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards has called upon all users of the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers (NCITs), commonly known as temperature guns to ensure that they are calibrated and verified by UNBS.

The call was made during an online stakeholder engagement with importers and traders of Infrared thermometers (temperature Guns). This follows complaints from the public regarding the use of uncalibrated infrared thermometers that pose a gap in COVID -19 screening.

Calibration of thermometers is the process of validating an infrared thermometer against a laboratory calibrated ‘master’ thermometer on a known temperature source, to ensure that measurements made by the NCIT are accurate.

During the engagement, the UNBS Head of Temperature Laboratory, Solomon Rukundo emphasized that the NCITs thermometers and their use, should meet the standards to avoid wrong results and decisions taken.

“I see most of the people putting out their hands for their body temperature to be taken. This is wrong. The forehead is the right body part from which the temperature reading should be taken. “

Rukundo emphasized that users of the temperature guns should strictly follow instructions given by the manufacturers in the users manual regarding how the instrument should be used, stored, cleaned and disinfected.

While presenting requirements of the temperature gun standards, the UNBS Standards Officer, Rodgers Numanya emphasized that Labelling and Marking of the temperature gun probe is important.

“A thermometer shall clearly indicate the units of its temperature scale. An IR thermometer housing shall be clearly marked with the trade name or type of the device, or both, model designation, name of the manufacturer or distributor, and lot number or serial number.”

Numanya also added that the Probe Covers Package shall state the expiration date if the probe covers have a limited shelf life and the package shall state whether the probe cover is intended for single use or multiple use.

UNBS urges consumers to look out for the UNBS sticker on the temperature guns used to measure their body temperatures, to confirm that they were calibrated and verified by UNBS.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is committed to developing, promoting and enforcing standards in protection of Health and Safety of the public and the Environment well as facilitating Fair trade and Competition.