UNBS sensitises traders of medical gowns and gloves about standards

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has called upon all Importers, retailers and distributors of medical gloves and gowns to ensure that their products meet the quality standards.

The call was made during an online stakeholder sensitization meeting held on Tuesday.

During the engagement, standards officer, Lydia Nayiga, sensitized stakeholders about the requirements of the International Standards for Organizations ISO 10993, to which the stakeholder’s products should conform to.

According to the standard;

  • Rubber latex gloves shall be manufactured from compounded natural rubber
  • Surface treatment, lubricant, or powder coating may be used to facilitate donning the gloves subject to compliance with ISO 10993.
  • Any pigment used shall be non-toxic.
  • Substances used for surface treatment which are capable of being transferred should be bio-absorbable.

More requirements are stated out in the standard.

Ms. Lydia Naiga also emphasized the need for manufacturers to indelibly mark their products.

“If the product is intended by the manufacturer to be reused, information on the appropriate processes to allow reuse, including cleaning, disinfection, packing, the number of reuses & any restriction to the reuse  should be clearly marked on the product labels. Ms. Nayiga said.

“Each package of the medical gowns and gloves shall be legibly & indelibly marked or on a label securely attached to the package with the manufacturer’s name, address & trade mark, name of product, in the case of a sterile-package, the word “sterile” , quantity of product, batch identification number, date of manufacture and conditions of storage, country of origin. Ms. Nayiga added.

UNBS in partnership with the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) and the MasterCard foundation are supporting sectors involved in the importation and trading of products that are authorized by government in the fight against COVID 19.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is committed to developing, promoting and enforcing standards in protection of Health and Safety of the public and the Environment well as facilitating Fair trade and Competition.