UNBS calls for public comment on sanitization booth draft standard.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon the public to comment on the Draft Uganda Standard for walk through sanitization booths; DUS 2281:2020, sanitization booth – specification, for implementation.

The call was made during an online stakeholder engagement organised by UNBS with importers, fabricators and traders of walk-through sanitization booths.

During the engagement, UNBS standards Officer, Barbara Atim, enlightened the stakeholders about the draft standard which specifies the minimum requirements, construction and use of sanitization booth for disinfecting the whole body during pandemics/epidemics.

She emphasized the need for the manufacturers of sanitization booths to have the risk and quality management systems in place, as required by the standard.

“The risk management system should specify the manufacturer’s policy on risk, risk management plan, Users’ comfort and privacy, Health risks and mitigation strategies while the quality management system should specify manufacturer’s policy on Quality, Quality management plan, Installation manual and User manual.” Ms. Atim said.

The standard requires that;

  • The sanitization booth shall have a minimum Height of 2.34 m, Width of  1.05m, Length of 2.01m and Arch Diameter of 1.04m
  • The material of the sanitization booth frame shall be Corrosion resistant with structural strength and durability, and surface wear resistance (coated aluminium, acrylic sheet, hot-dip steel hollow sections, fibreglass)
  • The material of the Cladding and/or canopy shall be non-collapsible, corrosion resistant i.e  materials such as aluminium composite panels, hot-dip galvanized steel panels, fibreglass, and acrylic / fibre material. It shall have a tapered top to eliminate external surface liquid stagnation.
  • The floor shall be tapered to enable proper runoff of residual fluid and shall be made of non-corrosive material such as a galvanized sheet.
  • The following information shall be indelibly and legibly marked on the equipment; name and physical address of the manufacturer, and distributers; trade name, if any; name of the equipment, e.g. sanitization booth, Sanitization Signage, Power Ratings of Powered components, Country of origin.

UNBS through the UNBS/TC 06/TWG 1 on UV-C Technology-working group, developed the Draft Uganda Standard, DUS 2281:2021 Sanitization Booth Specification, prompted by the demand for walkthrough sanitising booths.

The public is urged to comment on the draft standard by downloading it, together with the comment form from the UNBS website. After filling the comment form, email it to barbara.atim@unbs.go.ug by 16 April 2020.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is committed to developing, promoting and enforcing standards in protection of Health and Safety of the public and the Environment well as facilitating Fair trade and Competition.