UNBS seizes over 600 cartons of  Under weight tealeaves

 The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has seized over 600 cartons of Sahara Tangawizi tea and Sahara Mchuzi mix tealeaves packed by Malcom Ssema Business Solutions Ltd in Mutundwe, for grossly under quoting the weight on the product packaging.

Under quoting weight is contrary to Uganda Standard US EAS 38:2013 (Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Goods), The Weights and Measures (Sale and Labelling of Goods) Rules, 2007 and Section 21, subsection (1) of the UNBS Act which prohibits the importation, manufacture, sale, distribution or holding for the purpose of selling any product that does not meet compulsory Uganda standards.

After UNBS verification exercise, , the Sahara Black Tea Flavoured with Ginger (Tangawizi) averagely weighed 8.0 g different from the 12 g indicated on the product packaging.

UNBS also sealed off the factory’s tea production section and summoned the director, Mr. Nvule Geoffrey, to UNBS offices to explain his actions on the matter.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standard calls upon all manufacturers to adhere to the Uganda Standard US EAS 38:2013 (Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Goods).

The standard requires, among other things, that;

  • The net quantity of the product be declared on the principal display panel, expressed in metric system in terms of the largest whole unit of measurements in the decimal system and in appropriate words or symbols.
  • A single space should separate the number from the unit of measurement for example 500 g NOT 500g, 1 kg NOT 1kg and that statements of net quantity should be in letters and numerals in a minimum type size established in relationship to the quantity of the product.
  • Expressions such as “approximately”, “standard”, “average” or “when packed” shall not be used as part of the quantity declaration.
  • Deceptive labelling is contrary to the above regulations and is punishable by law.

UNBS is committed to continue performing its mandate of ensuring fairness in trade and precision in industry through reliable measurement systems.

About UNBS

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing, promoting and enforcing standards to protect the public and environment against harmful substandard products.