UNBS in the media 23rd to 27th August 2021


NTV –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CveR9JfVkqg


THE NEW VISION: UNBS to develop sauna operating standards. Following the growing number of accidents that occur during the use of saunas, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has decided to develop standards that operators will follow. READ MORE HERE.

CHIMP REPORTS: UNBS moves to regulate Saunas, Steam baths and Whirlpools operations. The Uganda National Bureau of Standards is in advanced stages of finalizing the standards that shall  be followed by all operators of Saunas, steam baths and whirl pools. READ MORE HERE.

UGANDA RADIO NETWORK: Sauna, Steambath Operators Given New, Tougher Guidelines. The new standard provides a wide range of rules and procedures that must be followed by both the operators or owners of the facilities, as well as the clients that visit them. For instance, the surface of walls, floors and ceilings in the sauna, steam, or whirlpool rooms shall be made of impervious materials that are smooth, easily cleaned and disinfected daily and regularly following frequency of usage and national standards, according to the guidelines. READ MORE HERE.



FOOD SAFETY AFRICA: UNBS implores manufacturing companies to execute Management Systems Certification. Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has entreated Ugandan companies to implement Management Systems Certification to give their products and services a fair chance of competing locally, regionally and internationally. READ MORE HERE


THE NEW VISION: COVID-19: Standards can help revive the economy. Is there anyone in this globalised world today who hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 crisis? As cliché as it might sound, probably not. All of us have been affected one way or another. READ MORE HERE.