Qualitea with Ms. Damalie Kanyago, Administrative Officer in the Mbarara Regional Office

Joselyn B. Mwine sits down with Ms. Damalie to chat about her work at the Mbarara regional office and how she feels that UNBS can be better supported to empower the communities in Mbarara.

Damalie, please share with our readers when you joined UNBS and what you are responsible for in the Mbarara regional office

Ms. Kanyago: I joined UNBS in September 2019 as a regional Administrative Officer and was deployed to Mbarara Regional Office. I run the general administration and welfare of our office in Mbarara. This ranges from staff to non-staff related matters; including clients.

What districts do you serve in the Mbarara regional office and how busy is this office?

Ms. Kanyago: Actually Mbarara regional office covers greater Masaka, greater Ankole, greater Kigezi, part of Tooro region and Rwenzori regions areas. It is quite a big coverage and I must confess that the office gets quite busy with various clients from all those regions.

What do you like most about working with UNBS?

Ms. Kanyago: UNBS has a very friendly working environment. I love the fact that the UNBS team is comprised of self-driven, professionals who believe and promote teamwork. This has made work so enjoyable for me.

What do the clients you serve say about the services offered by UNBS and how would they want UNBS to support them better?

Ms. Kanyago: Most of the clients I have served have appreciated the good services we are offering. I am actually so delighted to share that after various interactions with these clients, I realised that their perception and mind-set about UNBS has changed from negative to positive.

 What would you like to see changed in UNBS?

Ms. Kanyago: I think there is need to increase on the staff levels at the regional office to meet the overwhelming number of clients in the various regions.

There is also need to increase on the sensitization and awareness campaign to enhance on the visibility of our services. Lastly, having laboratory facilities and other departments at regional offices will draw services closer to the population.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work in terms of sports, and other extra-curricular activities?

Ms. Kanyago: Talking of enjoyment, I really love working out in the gym to keep healthy. I sometimes go for dance classes after work. I do steam and sauna and lastly I love and enjoy meeting and interacting with new people.  In short, I love socializing a lot.

What beautiful sceneries or places are in Mbarara?

Ms. Kanyago:  We have the ellipse monument in Biharwe. Mbarara is also endowed with so many beautiful recreation centres with a cultural attachment. I love the fact that the community in Mbarara is so proud of their culture. For instance, you will find that most of these recreation centres have monuments of cows. This brings out a special kind of attachment.

Thank you so much for your time Damalie and we appreciate the work that you do and wish you well in your work and personal life.