Differentiate your business thanks to standards!

By Joselyn B. Mwine

The ability to demonstrate compliance with widely recognized and respected standards is an effective means to differentiate your business in a competitive marketplace. In addition, manufacturing products or supplying services to appropriate standards can maximize compatibility with those manufactured or offered by others, thereby increasing potential sales and acceptance.

As consumers become increasingly informed about their choices, conformity to recognized standards is an important marketing tool for business.

Standards can help you address key elements to elevate your brand:

  • Quality – achieve professional operations and deliver high quality products & services
  • Sustainability – manage environmental, social and economic impacts
  • Competitive edge – reduce costs, increase efficiency & boost profitability
  • Health and safety – protect people against risks
  • Innovation – ensure compatibility, comparability & interoperability
  • Trusted services – build trust and enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Compliance – ensure fulfilment of the requirements of relevant legislation
  • Business continuity – ensure availability of critical business functions

Benefits of participating in standardization

Get involved! A Uganda standard is shaped by those who contribute to its development. This is why your input can make the difference when drafting a standard.

Moreover, participating in the development of standards enables you to network and gather information, and gives you decisive advantages in developing competitive and innovative products that meet your customers’ needs.

To name a few, participating in standard-making processes provides you with:

  • Knowledge & Time – if you participate in the making-process of standards, you get an early access to their content and gain time for your business application.
  • Influence – participating in standardization gives you the opportunity to influence on the content and quality of standards (national, regional, and international) in the interests of your company.
  • Regulatory understanding – when you participate in standardization, you also get information on the legislative framework.

There are several ways you can get involved in the standardization process, at national, regional and international level.

Learn more about how to get involved by contacting UNBS on our toll free line 0800133133, or visit our Head office located on Plot 2-12 ByPass Link, Bweyogerere.

To help you find the right standards for your business, contact our Information Resource Centre on 0417333250 or email [email protected]

The writer is a Public Relations Officer at the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.